WAIT... Is Apryl Jones PREGNANT by Lil Fizz!?

Could there be a baby on the way for Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz? Well that's what Fizz's ex, Moniece is claiming. We recently reported that Apryl and Lil Fizz are officially dating and if you didn't know Apryl also has two kids by Lil Fizz's bandmate, Omarion. Aprly confirmed her relationship with Fizz on Instagram, after Moniece (Lil Fizz sons mother) outed the pair during a instagram live rant.

Not only did Moniece confirm the relationship, she also hinted that Apryl may be expecting a child with Fizz. Moniece said this,

"Congratulations are in order for Apryl Jones and teeny fizzle pop on the announcement of their relationship-slash-f*ckship. Congrats on moving into the new house together. Congrats on potentially getting married and having kids and I could not wish for a better stepmother for my son. Just be a little more respectful and mind your f*cking business. And we can be the biggest, bestest, blended family ever." She also comments that we'll find out in "6 months."

Well i guess we will have to wait and see if this is truly as messy as it sounds. 3kids? By two guys in the same group? In Apryl's words... "Life is to be lived".

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