A high speed chase that started in Lake County ended with 1 dead near the west side of Chicago! Last night police received a call about an attempted carjacking at around 1:15 am in the 17600 block of West Edwards Road in Old Mill Creek. The caller told 911 that he shot at the would be carjackers. One of the would be carjackers was shot in the head by the resident.

After the shooting the group got back into the black Lexus (that was stolen) and flagged down officers at the scene of a crash at Route 132 and Hunt Club Road in Gurnee to tell them someone in their vehicle needed medical attention. The group then gave the injured male to police and got back into the Lexus and fled onto Interstate 94. Several police agencies received info about the group and joined the pursuit at about 1:45 am. The chase ended at the Randolph and Halsted exit of I-94 when the car ran out of gas. The group fled on foot and all were apprehended by police and are in questioning at this time. The young man, who was just 14 years old, was pronounced dead as a result of his injuries.


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