How HomeTurf Next to Blow Works

1075 WGCI and Indie App, a Chat Bot Development Team, came together to create HomeTurf Next to Blow on Facebook Messenger. HomeTurf Next to Blow On Messenger is a new music platform to connect Hip Hop artists with WGCI listening audiences in an effort to promote new artist discovery and find listeners who can curate Hip Hop hits.

To get curating and submitting simply follow WGCI on Facebook messenger and hit “Get Started”. 

Artist’s Submit Your Work For Feedback:

Artists have the chance to submit their music to WGCI audiences through Facebook messenger for a nominal fee to receive immediate listens. Artists simply click submit a song, copy the link of their track, pay the fee to have the

track to WGCI fans, and receive instant feedback from those fans once their track is promoted. Once a track receives all feedback, now also has the real data from a trusted audience to enter the WGCI leaderboards. The WGCI leaderboards can be found on the persistent menu within the WGCI Messenger App. The WGCI leaderboard effect can help your track get discovered. Tracks in the top 20 of the WGCI leaderboards leads to monthly discovery opportunities for the artist. Each week we will chose an artist to be featured on HomeTurf Next to Blow with Jamal Smallz 

Song Leaderboard 

Each song submission will cost a specified dollar amount. To promote their music to the WGCI followers and receive feedback.  The payment process runs through PayPal and will be managed by our official HomeTurf Next to Blow Technology partner Indie App. The charge you will see for submitting your song will come from the Indie App, not WGCI.

Listeners :

 Do You Have Your Ear for music? Who’s Next Facebook Messenger is relying the opinions of our listeners to help new artists promote their music. WGCI is looking to acknowledge listeners who have an ear for music by making them official WGCI Music Curators. Listeners who score the highest Curator Leaderboard position each month will receive hot tickets of that month. 


WGCI will award tickets for the top curator and an interview for the artist. 

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