Citizens Call Cops On Man Dragging Life-Size Doll Through Kansas City

Residents in Kansas City, Missouri were shocked to see a strange man dragging a topless woman through the streets on Tuesday (August 20) morning and called the police thinking she was in trouble. Police say that one concerned caller thought the man was going to toss her over a bridge, while another described how the man dropped her and started dragging her head along the curb.

Multiple units were dispatched to find the man, and officers were relieved when they realized the "woman" was just a life-size doll. The man, who was not identified, explained to the police that he found the doll in a dumpster behind a restaurant and was taking it into the woods.

The officers told the man he could keep the doll but that he could no longer carry it around in public.

The Kansas City Police Department shared some photos on Twitter, writing: "And here is today's episode of 'Not What We Expected Going Into That."

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