Hometurf: Next to Blow - Siblinz

The siblinz are a soulful musical trio that are beyond what you’ve ever heard before. Through a mixture of neo-soul, hip-hop and R&B, the Siblinz always put family first and vow to send positive vibes to anyone who’s in need of an extra sibling to lean on. Long before the Siblinz were created, this trio, along with their oldest sibling, have always been connected by music. The Siblinz have released their newest single “Bang Bang” available on all platforms.

Kennedy Rayy is the youngest member of the Siblinz with the wisest heart. Kennedy is a musical theatre major at Columbia college. Kennedy has performed in multiple musical theatre productions and established himself as an artist at an early age. He sings, plays the guitar, acts, writes and raps.

Devyn is the unicorn of the Siblinz group. She has always had a passion for music and the arts but placed that on hold while studying to become a licensed professional counselor and running track at Hampton University. She is married to her high school sweetheart and they have one son. Devyn loves to make magic in the studio and has compiled over 45 unreleased songs. Devyn sings, raps and writes.

Pooney McCord is the oldest member of the Siblinz and the first one to ever hit the stage at a young age at the Little Miss Black Joliet Pageant. Pooney is the CEO of No Grind No Shine Music and former All-American football player at Colgate University. He majored in Theatre and has released over 8 projects, including Woke Savage (2017). Pooney raps, sings, acts and writes.

The Siblinz join Jamal Smallz on Hometurf as the Next to Blow! Check it out below.

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