#JusticeforJavier: Live PD's footage destroyed

The news of Javier Ambler's death is taking the internet by storm !

Recently, Big Fish Entertainment was called out for destroying footage of Ambler's death in 2019 by policemen. Body cam footage was recently released click the link below:


I am devastated by the news that another black man’s life was senselessly taken at the hands of the police. I recently heard the news of Javier Ambler‘s death while filming the reality TV show “Live PD” and im disgusted to hear that the footage from the event was destroyed by the show. This is very disturbing and heartbreaking. I can no longer have any affiliation with Big Fish Entertainment and respect the decision that @ViacomCBS has made to sever ties. Black lives have always mattered and I do not condone police brutality. Now more than ever, we cannot be silent nor turn our heads away in these situations. #JusticeForJavierAmbler

To read more click this link:


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