What I Have To Say About My Tik Tok !

Recently, I thought it would be funny to do a Tik Tok Challenge with my family. Well, I was wrong about that one !

It turned out to not be funny at all once I received backlash and realized it could have been dangerous. I felt so misunderstood because I couldn't believe people would think I would harm my precious child !

Water hit the side of her face and chest but people made a really big deal saying she was gasping for air. She absolutely was not !

I would never put her in any danger like that. She had a reaction to water splashing her similar to the kids in the other tik tok challenges. So I thought it was okay to post but after re-evaluating it probably was just a bad idea overall because I would never want her to be put in harms way.

I apologize to anyone I have offended, but one thing for sure and two things for certain..... I'm a great mom !

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