My Final Thoughts On My Tik Tok Video

On my IGLiveTv yesterday, I went and gave my last sentiments about the Tik Tok video that I made recently that involved my daughter.

I feel extremely bad and embarrassed for putting that video up and did not know the risks of dry drowning before making the video with her.

My daughter is constantly loved on by me, her father, and our family and I would never want to intentionally put her in harms way at all.

I should not have done that Tik Tok video in the first place and I have been beating myself down about it ever since.

I made a huge mistake by making that video and I hope you all find it in your heart to understand my perspective and realize that just because I made this mistake doesn't mean that I do not love my daughter.

I am a dedicated mom who made a bad decision and I am taking accountability for my actions. I would never put her in any danger and when you know better, you will do better ! So that is what I plan on doing

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