Lily Blames Charmaine For Black Ink Split

This week on Black Ink Crew Chicago, it was portrayed that Lily was denied access to a party that was being filmed because of her insensitive use of the "N word".

Lily then found a way to blame me in her most recent IG Post :

I am not the blame !

Take accountability for your actions. As a black woman, I do not want to be repeatedly called the "N word" by someone who is not black. I don’t even want to be called the "N word" aggressively and repeatedly by a person of color. We have been through this so many times.

I asked Lily to stop saying the "N word" because myself and the rest of the cast was uncomfortable about how she used the word (the same cast that she claims told her it’s no big deal).

Then she turned around and put the word all over social media. THEN, it became a storyline after it was broadcasted that Lily was asked multiple times by producers to stop using the word and she didn’t. I never witnessed her using the "N word" in a chill manner... it was always during an angry argument while talking to black people.

Do I think she is racist ?, No. Do I think she is culturally insensitive ?, Yes. She says that’s how she talks and it’s okay, but calling me a white girl because I’m from the suburbs and thinking I don’t know what it’s like to be black is the most degrading thing ever.

Don’t tell me I don’t know what it’s like to be black. I’m black! But justify it however you want. I didn’t have anything to do with how they portrayed her. That was all on her !

I hated arguing and fighting with Lily because we are both minorities angels women who are both beautiful and talented. I support the African American community and Hispanic community coming together as one.

I will not support being put down by another race and it being justifiable ! I hope she finds the peace she is looking for.

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