WGCI Music Summit 2020

The 3rd annual WGCI Music Summit returns for the month of November. Yes, all of November we will be virtual for you: producers, managers and artist. We will also have your opportunity to have your music heard by Record Reps and Radio DJ's.

This year will feature appearances from Jeezy, Neyo, Mulatto, Beat King, Seven Streeter, and several of the top Record Executives in the country.

Starting on November 11th, we will begin the month of Music Summit. The first panel will talk about "Breaking Into the Music Business," November 18th "Making A Hit Record," and wrapping up on November 23rd with " Getting Heard."

This year, our Master of the Class presented by Hennessy will feature Neyo on November 12th and Jeezy on November 16th.

One lucky viewer will win $1000 and Studio Time. Another lucky winner will recieve a zoom Meeting with an A&R.

RSVP HERE for "Breaking Into the Music Business" on November 11th.

RSVP HERE for "Making A Hit Record" on November 18th.

RSVP HERE for "Getting Heard" on November 23rd.

RSVP HERE for "Listen and Critique Sessions"

RSVP HERE for Master of the Class with Neyo on November 12th

RSVP Here for Master of the Class with Jeezy on November 16th

Spaces are limited so sign up today.

A full month to help you develop music career. All panels will be held on Zoom.

RSVP for The Breaking Into the Music Business Panel HERE

This panel on November 11th at 7:30p will feature the following panelists: Juliette Jones, Keinon Johnson, Azim Rashid, Caroline Diaz, Dallas Martin, and Norva Denton.

Do not miss this one as the top Record Execs from the country engage in great conversations.

All hosted by Kednra G. and Kyle Santillian

RSVP for Making A Hit Record HERE.

The panel will discuss the art of songwriting, producing and being a new artist.

Featured Panelist include: Beat King, Sevyn Streeter, Lil Ronnie, Saweetie, and Mulatto.

This Panel is hosted by Zach Boog and Charmaine on November 18th at 7:30p

RSVP for Getting Heard HERE.

This panel will discuss how to get your streaming and played on the radio.

Here is the list of featured panelists: Tuma Basa, J1, Jamal Smallz, Loui Vee, and Tamara Drake.

This panel will be hosted by Leon Rogers on November 23rd.

Brought to you by Illinois Media School.

Register for an Artist Listen and Critique HERE.

There are limited spaces available of 3 different sessions so be sure to register early. Each participant will get 5 minutes with Local Record Reps and DJ's. During that time your song will be played allowing you to get direct feed back.

This is happening on November 13th, 19th, and 24th. Don't miss out.

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