Bobby Shmurda's Special Parole Conditions Revealed

Bobby Shmurda will remain under parole supervision until February 23, 2026.

Just over a month after the 26-year-old rapper was released from New York's Clinton Correctional Facility, TMZ has revealed the parameters of his five-year parole.

According to the outlet, Bobby can't drink alcohol, hang out at bars or with gangs. He also has to submit to substance abuse testing. get counseling for aggression and anger, and obtain and maintain employment.

As noted by TMZ, Bobby hit the ground running, in regard to his music career, picking up where he left off. Hours after being released from prison the "Hot N****" rapper hit up a recording studio with Quavo. Bobby also had a few performances in Atlanta during NBA All-Star Weekend this month.

The New York native was released 10 months earlier than his scheduled release date after the decision to shorten his sentence was made by the Time Allowance Committee, which consists of prison staff. As TMZ previously reported, the committee's vote to bump up Bobby's conditional release came after they reviewed his "behavior and participation in prison programs."

Back in 2016, Bobby pled guilty to conspiracy to commit murder, reckless endangerment, and drug and gun possession and was sentenced to seven years behind bars. He was given credit for time served since he was arrested in December 2014.

He was accused of leading street gang GS9, which police said was responsible for several shootings and one murder. Fourteen others, including the rapper’s brother, Jayese, were also arrested in connection with various crimes pertaining to the gang.

Photo: Getty Images

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