Pooh Shietsy’s Alleged Shooting Victim Recants His Story

Pooh Shietsy might be getting out of jail a little sooner than he anticipated. Last week, Pooh Shietsy turned himself in for an alleged shooting where he shot at the ground and the bullet hit a security guard in the ankle.

According to recent reports, Pooh Shietsy’s alleged victim has recanted his statement stating that he doesn’t know what he told detectives due to his medication dosage.

His lawyers have proceeded to then file a motion with a sworn testimony from the victim stating that he was on painkillers and was unaware of his statement. Pooh Shietsy was set to spend a minimum 20 years in jail for the shooting of the security guard. It looks like Pooh Shietsy won’t be in jail for this at all. We are happy he got out of that jam!

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