50 Cent Criticizes New Gun That Is Encased With LEGO's

One Utah company has received backlash for their new gun invention.

Culper Precision has created a pistol made out of Lego's case called the Block19 and many people do not like the image that could be represent for potential buyers. Rapper 50 Cent vocalized his concern for this new gun and made his position clear this Wednesday morning. He stated that this new gun is not okay and that cops could see this new gun as potential motive to shoot at black children in the park with this item in their possession.

Do you agree that this gun needs to be pulled off the shelf?

Click the link below to read more!

HOLLYWOOD UNLOCKED on Instagram: “HU Staff: Kecia Gayle @kecia.kae A Utah company is facing backlash for producing a pistol that looks like a children's toy made of Lego.…”

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