Lil Baby & Saweetie Dating Rumors Spark Industry Drama

The digital world is in a frenzy after rumors that Lil Baby and Saweetie are dating began circulating. It all started when Lil baby allegedly spent 100k on Saweetie during a shopping spree. While that can’t be actually confirmed, Lil Baby did make a tweet saying that he is single and dating no one.

While that seemed to have end all speculation, a few days later Saweetie posted a video of several flower arrangements being delivered and the. Later on in the day a photo of her sitting on a mystery man’s lap! Of course the social media detectives got to work and found a photo of Lil Baby in the exact same outfit!

Moments later Saweetie’s ex boyfriend, Quavo weighed in with his own cryptic message in which Lil Baby’s ex Jayda Wayda liked on The Shaderoom!

The latest update comes from a series of tweets from Lil Baby claiming that someone is clearly using him for clout. Saweetie deleted the photo immediately after. Do you think the tweets are in reference to her?

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