Young Thug Internet Rumor Leads Hundreds To Walmart With Packed Carts

It’s the season of giving and a huge crowd of people were awaiting a Christmas miracle at a local Walmart in Atlanta yesterday.

When rumor spread that rapper Young Thug would be coming to the popular chain store and blessing everyone in line, hundreds flocked over to get a head start on their shopping list.

From photos posted online you can spot several people with an abundance of TV’s, toys and clothes overflowing from their carts, however when the rapper never showed, they were left disappointed.

Now Young Thug nor his team ever confirmed this event and the hearsay was all just a rumor. Most celebrities tend to like to do these holiday giveaways as a surprise anyways so maybe the head start caused him to back out?

What are your thoughts? Would you have pulled up to the store as well?

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