Virginia Teen Faces Criminal Charges After Burning Classmates Hair

Imagine getting a call from your child’s school saying that his hair has been set on fire.
That nightmare became a reality for a mother in Virginia earlier this year.

A 13 year old girl at John Rolfe Middle School allegedly set fire to her classmates hair causing severe damage as well as second and third degree burns.

The victims mother recalls seeing her sons once shoulder length hair burned down to the scalp. She says that he is devastated and emotionally scarred from the entire situation.

The mother also shared her frustration with the school stating that they did not take this as seriously as they should’ve especially when they suggested that she not press charges. She urged them to imagine if this were their child and how they would feel.

The young lady who set her classmates hair ablaze is set to appear in court later this year.

Photo: WTVR Screenshot

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