WATCH: Chicago Woman Escapes Kidnapping Attempt In West Loop

Thief, reaching the car at the parking lot, he wanna steal

Photo: Getty Images

A 45-year-old woman was the target of an attempted kidnapping that a neighbor caught on video this Sunday. According to ABC7, the suspect got out of a maroon minivan off of South Sangamon Street and tried to pull the victim into the van by her arm. The woman fought off the suspect while a nearby sedan tried to block the minivan in. When the minivan was no longer blocked in, the suspect sped off down the street.

"It's discouraging, especially for people like us, as women, to feel like, 'Can I be out at a certain time? Do I need to be with other people?' It feels very vulnerable," local church member Deb Gorton shared with ABC7.

There was another attempted kidnaping that occurred just a month earlier on the same street that police assured has nothing to do with Sunday's attempted kidnapping.

"We're working with the victim as well as the pubic to help us to identify this individual and this person of interest. As it relates to the separate crime that happened a few months ago, we don't believe that those two are related based off the two victims' accounts," Deputy Chief Rahman Muhammad explained to ABC7.

ABC7 mentioned that the victim of the most recent attempted kidnapping was not injured. Police were able to locate the minivan, but the suspect remains on the loose.

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