WATCH: Two Illinois Mail Carriers Robbed Days Apart In Same Neighborhood

Dropping Off The Mail

Photo: Getty Images

Two USPS mail carriers were robbed at gunpoint in Evanston earlier this week, and long-time residents are very concerned. According to ABC7, the first robbery happened on Monday afternoon off of Monroe Street, and the second on Tuesday afternoon off of Nathaniel Place. RING doorbell camera footage captured via a neighbors porch detailed the second robbery.

A man wearing a black shirt walked by the doorbell camera while on his cellphone and casually crossed the street to where the postal worker was delivering mail. In the video, you can see the man walk past the van to confront the postal worker. The video is paused before viewers are able to see the suspect punch the postal worker, pull out a gun, and steal his keys.

ABC7 mentioned that in both robberies, the keys that allow mail carriers to access common area mail slots for apartment complexes were stolen. After robbing the mail carriers, both men described only as being in their thirties fled the scene on foot. Police are warning residents to be vigilant of their surroundings and their packages following the robberies.

"My advice to Evanston residents after this has happened is to be vigilant. We've had two of these robberies in the last two days. One robbery is alarming. Two is extremely concerning. It is a pattern," Evanston police commander Ryan Glew shared with ABC7. Both suspects remain on the loose as the investigation continues.

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