Doja Cat Unveils The Dark Title Of Her New Album

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Doja Cat has seemingly shared the title of her highly anticipated new album! On Tuesday night (March 21st), the rapper/singer took to Twitter to announce that her next album already has a title. "DC4 has a title now," she wrote and then deleted it the following morning. However, Doja didn't delete the tweet that actually includes the album's title which is apparently "Hellmouth." She also changed her Twitter name to Hellmouth following the announcement.

Fans took the dark title to mean that the album will be rock alternative music or as one fan called it "a pop punk rap album." Doja was quick to shut down those ideas, replying to those tweets with a simple, "nope."

The rock and pop punk fan theories aren't random; Doja actually started those rumors herself! Last year, the Grammy winner trolled fans and media sites by sending out a bunch of tweets about what her new album will "really" sound like. After saying the new album was inspired by '90s German rave, she changed it up tweeting, "I am putting out a rock album, it's going to have emo jams. The name of the album is called Rock Out Volume 1: The Abyss 5000. So, keep on a lookout for that."

Ever since Doja dropped her massively successful third album Planet Her, fans have been clamoring for a follow-up and the meme-queen has taken advantage of the interest to throw people off. "I'm going to get real rocky for everyone. We're going to rock out and get real rocky on stage. I'm gonna jam and I'm gonna spit flames from my mouth on stage," she joked. "Another thing, I'm going to learn how to play guitar as well. I'm not gonna be a phony or a poser. I'm going to learn how to play acoustic and ukulele ... so be on the lookout."

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