Soulja Boy ASSAULTED Nia Riley!!

Soulja Boy is being accused of assaulting his girlfriend Nia Riley during the filming of the current season of WE tv Marriage Boot Camp, it is all caught on camera! According to show insiders, Soulja was kick out of the house for violence, along with being fired from the show. It was stated that Soulja Boy was physically removed from the house by security. It appears the WE tv plans on showing viewers that alleged abuse footage. WE tv released a super trailer for the rest of the show and it shows Soulja Boy jumping on top of Nia, while she's sleeping, and he has a clenched fist. It appears that he is winding up to strike her. Check out full trailer here. This isn't first time Soulja Boy tried to harm Nia. Back in 2016, when he believed that she was cheating on him, Soulja Boy pulled a gun and threatened to murder her on camera! But sources say Soulja and Nia are still a couple and possibly getting married, even though Soulja was spotted spending Valentine's Day with Blac Chyna.



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