Ari's boo Gervonta Davis SLIDING IN CHICK'S DMs!!!!


As we know Ari and Gherbo are not together because of cheating and allegedly of him having herpes. An now she is dating this big time boxer that is under Floyd Mayweather's camp. Gervonta Davis has a record of 21 wins, 0 lost, and 20 KOs. So you know he is living his best life and living your best life can sometimes get you in trouble. Unfortunately he was living his best life in another chicks DM from Ohio; but we don't know when these DMs were sent out to this particular girl. Just because the girl didn't show any dates or times of when this conversation was taken place. So its hard to say if he did this while him and Ari were dating or if this happen months or years ago! But from what it looks like Ari is UNBOTHER!!! They are still going STRONG!!!! Click here to see the DMs! What do you think, is this Ohio chick just CLOUT CHASING?!?!



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