Blueface is FACING 3 YEARS IN PRISON!!!!


You may know him, he has the hit signal "Thotiana" with a remix to this song with Cardi b. If you don't know him, he is a rising 22 year old California rapper that goes by the name of Blueface, he was caught with an unregistered, fully-loaded firearm on his person at the beginning of this month (Feb 1). He was released after posting a $35,000 bail. Blueface has now officially been charged in relation to his arrest on Feb 1. He is allegedly facing a maximum sentence of three years behind bars. It was reported that Blueface was arrested after he and a large group of men were hanging out when they were approached by the LAPD. Blueface friend allegedly tried to get rid of their weapons, but Blueface got caught. The Los Angeles County D.A.'s office publication notes reveal Blueface was in possession of an unregistered handgun. This comes on the heels of a previous arrest last year for a similar offense.

So what do you think? Do you think Blueface potential end up like 6ix9ine behind bars?

Click here to see the video of Blueface being arrested!



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