The Milwaukee Bucks PLAYED JA RULE!!!!!!!


Ja Rule perform Saturday night at the Milwaukee Bucks vs the Minnesota Timberwolves game in Milwaukee... and nobody gave a crap. Ja was booked to perform during the halftime show, which was a '90s theme, but he mocked it by saying it was ridiculous to book an act that was all about the 2000s for a '90s event. Watch the video here. It got so bad ...Bucks players Giannis Antetokounmpo came out on to the court to warm up while Ja was still performing. Check out video here of Giannis warming up! Ja Rule is clearly still feeling the heat from his participation in the Fyre Festival. An now reported, he's actually trying to plan a Fyre Festival 2!!!!!!!! Do you think Ja Rule's career is over? Should he stop trying or keep going?

Links to the videos in the story above!!



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