Kodak Black will not be joining T.I, Soulja Boy, and 50 Cent on their newly initiated Gucci protest. The Florida native took to Instagram Live sharing his thoughts on the public outrage over Gucci controversial scandal. Kodak revealed that he isn't bothered by Gucci's fashion faux pas. "See my little Gucci clothes that I bought? And I'ma wear it...I'm black, right? An I'm thug to the bone, right? And I f-k with white people, right? But sometimes black people do be reaching for like no reason. Just be reaching," he explained. Offering an explanation for the luxury fashion house, Kodak continued, "Them people ain’t do nothing—them people ain’t say nothing bout no racist s**t. Them people just had a little ski mask—there’s all kinds of ski masks in the world.” The ski mask Kodak Black referred to is a Gucci sweater that featured red cartoon-inspired lips around a turtleneck cut out; many believed this to resemble minstrel-era blackface. Unlike Kodak, many of his peers have spoken out against the brand. 50 Cent recently burn his Gucci paraphernalia while, T.I. announced his plans to boycott Gucci and other notable fashion brands who created racially offensive products. Soulja Boy, who recently became known for his appreciation of Gucci headbands, denounced the brand and revealed that he'd be getting his Gucci tattoo removed from his forehead.

Check out the live video here!



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