The battle to trademark the name "Blue Ivy" continues. In 2017, Houston-born Beyoncé sought to trademark the name of her first-born daughter. The superstar hit a snag when wedding planner Veronica Morales, whose company has the same moniker, filed to oppose Beyoncé's application, according to The Blast. Morales' business was founded approximately three years before Blue Ivy Carter, 7, was born. Thus, she is claiming the right to block Beyoncé's request. Now, the wedding planner is demanding that the pop star hand over documents and communications, including private text messages with her husband Jay-Z, and mother, Tina Knowles. The messages allegedly contain evidence that Beyoncé has no intent to use the trademark "Blue Ivy," Rather, her goal is to reportedly keep other people from using it. Beyoncé has yet to turn in any correspondence, but has filed for a protective order prohibiting Morales and her legal team from leaking any confidential information.Things took a nasty turn in 2017 when Beyoncé accused Morales of allegedly offering to sell her company to the singing sensation for $10 million, sources say. Morales denied the allegations.

What do you think, does Beyoncé need to keep fighting?



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