The black churches in Louisiana that were destroyed by flames raised $1.3M!


The fire also sparked an outpouring of donations and a generous pledge by the French president to rebuild the cathedral within five years. Similarly, the fire touched the hearts of people in Louisiana to raise more than $1.3 million in donations to rebuild three historically black churches that burned down. A man accused of setting fire to three predominantly black churches in a southern Louisiana parish was charged with hate crimes on Monday, adding to the three charges of arson that were filed last week.The man, Holden Matthews, the 21-year-old son of a deputy sheriff, was arrested last week, accused of setting fire to the churches in St. Landry Parish, north of Lafayette. He pleaded not guilty on Monday and was not granted bond. At a news conference last week, the authorities announced Mr. Matthews’s arrest and the initial charges of three counts of simple arson of a church building.




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