Kandi Burruss thought it would be a great idea to bring Brooklyn singer, Foxy Brown, on stage as a special guest during her 'Welcome to the Dungeon' tour. Maybe she had a chance to reconsider after hearing the audience's reaction to Brown this past Saturday. Brown decided to perform her, then hit track "Ill Be" from 1996.As seen in the video linked below, Foxy Brown had an issue with getting the words out. Many fans are saying she lost her old spark she had, everyone else is calling it a form of severe hearing loss.

Brown gets the boot as she gets swept off the stage, as she looks confused and startled, eventually allowing the crowd to continue to enjoy the concert. Kandi Burruss then comes out to the roaring crowd defending her girl, claiming "Y'all gotta respect my girl, let her take the mask off." Was it really the mask Kandi? Good save, but it didn't fool the fans or the DJ who turned and bumped Lil Kim and got the crowd back pump.

Check out her vocals for yourself here!



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