Engineers Will Converge On Miami For Miami Hack Week

Photo: Getty Images North America

Miami Hack Week, kicks off Aug. 1, with the goal to convince 5,000 engineers to move to Miami.

Co-organizer Dave Fontenot, who founded MHacks, said Miami now has a chance to play spoiler as an alternative to the traditional centers.

“Even in San Francisco, everyone wants more engineers,” he said. “In Miami, that problem is 10 times bigger...This is not our only shot, but it’s going to be the best one we’re going to have to convince people to come here.”

The Miami metro area only has about 60,000 workers in computer and mathematical occupations, and seven local sponsors have lined up to back Miami Hack Week’s 10 official houses, where hackers will get together to work on themed projects that will be presented to four judges.

The winners get a boat party at Sandbar.

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