14 People Shot Outside Of Funeral On 79th & Carpenter!

14 people were shot today outside of a Southside funeral home. At around 6:30 p.m. shots rang out on the corner of 79th & Carpenter in front of Rhodes Funeral home. The funeral service was for 31 yr-old Donnie Weathersby who was a victim of gun violence one week ago yesterday. According to sources there was a planned ambush on mourners. A black sedan pulled up and begin shooting at people in front of the Funeral home. People attending the service begin firing back at the car as it made a turn going down the wrong way on Carpenter street. The vehicle crashed and the occupants ran in several different directions. 60 shell casings were found on the scene. According to several sources police were forewarned of a retaliation. Tamar Manasseh, the founder of the group Mothers Against Senseless Killing, says she spoke directly with the police and asked for a special police detail. Only one police car was on the scene. There were five murders in that area last week and 13 in the last month. One suspect is in custody. Pray for Chicago!