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Woman Claims She Got Herpes On Her Face At Concert - Ended Up In Hospital


Photo: Getty Images

It looks like we have one more thing to fear when going to concerts.

After getting herpes on her forehead during a concert in Melbourne, a woman has, warned her followers on TikTok about the risks of exposure just attending concerts.

In a recent post on the social media platform, she said, "So five years ago I finished school and I went to Falls, and when I got home I was so sick." Her post was quickly removed after her story gained widespread attention.

She was 18 at the time of the infection, later developed a "massive painful scab" that quickly caused her to be unable to eat or drink, resulting in her spending five days in the hospital.

“I couldn’t keep any food down, I couldn’t keep any water down. I couldn’t sleep because I was having cold sweats,” she said.

As her condition deteriorated and she developed a fever and a developing rash that finally went black and resembled a scab, doctors initially thought the mark on her head was just a simple sunburn.

She was given a diagnosis of herpes, which is brought on by the herpes simplex virus, following five days of testing.

She is still unsure of how she caught the disease. Her medical professionals said that she may have accidentally touched someone in the crowd who had an infected sore.

Herpes does not currently have a cure. Oral and topical medicines are both effective strategies to treat the virus and control outbreaks.

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