Kendra G's Letter to French Montana: Yes, YOU are wrong!

Look, I am tired of some men disrespecting women! After reading back and forth tweets between French Montana and a disrespectful person on twitter I felt the need to write about this. 

A lady tweeted French Montana and said, "The fact that French Montana thinks anyone cares about him..."

Now yes, what the woman said on twitter was not nice but it wasn't the worst thing I think French Montana has ever been tweeted. French Montana's response to me was unnecessary! Here is what he said back to the woman: 

"U musty crusty dusty rusty ass hoe With them nappy ass poetic justice braids take your cum drinking Dick banging ass somewhere n be humble."

REALLY French Montana! That was too much! First you are a celebrity and I expect more from you. There was NO need to go that hard on that woman. 

As a man, you should not even be comfortable saying those types of things to a young lady in the first place! Most people are mad about you using the word "nappy" but everything you said to me was uncalled for. "Cum drinking Dick banging"... really! How dare you say those things to a woman period! Her statement wasn't nice but it didn't warrant this type of a response. Learn how to articulate your remarks to a negative person better because as a woman who has supported you in the past I am very disappointed.

And let's break down "nappy" for a second. You stated you didn't know "nappy" was a racist word. Well whenever I hear the word "nappy" used it usually directed towards and African American woman when she is wearing her natural hair. Which is a beautiful thing but you said "nappy" like it was a bad thing and that's why a lot of black woman are upset. 

I have love for you still, but highly disappointed in your words. You have since stated you love black woman and we are queens, we'll learn how to speak to us then. 

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