Tear Jerker!!! The moment Kendra G Meets Janet Jackson 13 Years Ago Will Have You in Tears!

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The moment I realized Dreams Do Come True....This is my FIRST TIME EVER on TV!!! So those who have known me all my life know that I am one of the BIGGEST Janet Jackson fans on earth!!! I was obsessed as a child! To the point one day my dad said to me, "You know if you supported yourself half as much as you do Janet Jackson you could be a bigger star than she ever was!" I thought he was insane because who on earth could become a bigger star than Janet Jackson!?! She isn't even human!!! I literally thought she was like magic, not real! All that changed the day I met her on LIVE TV! This is actually my TV Debut! Yes!!! First time ever on TV was the moment I met Janet Jackson and I cried!!! HARD!!! Lol! But this was life changing for me on so many levels! First, you have to understand I truly didn't think this woman was human! Like that was impossible for me to accept so this is the moment I realized, "Oh shit! She is a real person!" All that she has accomplished has been by a real person?!?!?! So maybe I can make my dreams come true after all? This moment made me the person I am today. Fearless, courageous and a firm believer that prayer works because as a child my only prayer was to meet Janet Jackson! Before I dreamed of being on the radio my dream was to meet Janet Jackson!!! I remember this day and I remember saying to myself that I just want to tell her how much she has impacted my life. This is right after the Super Bowl incident. Same year. Just a few months after everything happened and the world was being tough on my girl. I needed her to know FUCK EVERYBODY because you inspired this little girl from Connecticut to dream!!!! Your life matters to so many! As GOD would have it I was able to convey that, via tears of course! Lol! I remember being upset this day because I didn't get a picture with her but looking back on it, this video is soooooo much better! Happy Birthday to the BLUEPRINT!!!! ❤️💙 @janetjackson And just as a reminder, She is also a Taurus! (And this was in Toronto, Canada! Yes, I know it's also apart of America but in this moment I wasn't thinking properly!!! Hahahaha)

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