Happy 40th Birthday Kanye West! Kendra G's heartfelt Kanye West Story

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It's Throwback Thursday and it's his birthday so it only makes senses to post this classic picture! This photo was taken 14 years ago! It was the first time I met and interviewed Kanye West and I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS DAY! He was a super star producer getting ready to drop his first album "College DropOut" in 2 months. I had just landed my first full-time job in radio 30 days prior. I was the evening show radio host on WBLK 93.7 in Buffalo, NY. I remember saying to Kanye, "Congrats on Vibe Magazine for giving your album a "3 Albums" rating!" ("4" was the highest...) I truly was giving him a compliment because to me that was a high rating being that he was known for producing at the time not rapping. Well needless to say, HE WENT OFF ON ME! LOL! He was like, "What are you trying to say! My album is the same as Wu Tang!?!" (I guess Vibe Magazine gave their album a "3 Album" rating as well...) He proceeded to say, "I can't wait until my album drops and I can't wait to go on HOT 97 and tell everyone in New York that doubted me how dope my album is!" He further went on to tell me he would change the rap game forever and he would be one of the biggest rappers of all time. Another moment I remember is when a woman in the lobby was waiting for Kanye West to leave the building because she wanted to talk to him about her son. Her son was an aspiring rapper and she wanted Kanye to help him out. Kanye told her to recite one of his rhymes and she looked confused! She was like I don't know the lyrics but he is really good!! Kanye said, "My mother can recite all my rhymes..." LOL! The lady couldn't say anything after that! What I have always loved about Kanye West is he has ALWAYS believed in himself. Even when the world couldn't see his vision he didn't let that distract him from accomplishing all that he told me he would in that interview and even more. Sometimes you have to shut the world out and put your "Kanye West" swag on and just go for yours! Never let the world dictate to you who YOU are and what you can achieve! Secondly, If you are a rapper, make sure your mother can recite your rhymes! Lol! Happy Birthday Kanye! You have inspired more than you will ever know!

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