Nicki Minaj's Mom Suing Dad's Hit & Run Driver

Nicki Minaj’s mom is suing Charles Polevich for $150 million. As we told you, he turned himself in after allegedly hitting and killing Robert Maraj – Nicki father – in a hit-and-run accident last month. According to attorneys Ben Crump and Paul Napoli, Carol Maraj put in paperwork in New York State Supreme Court in Nassau County on Friday. “[Polevich] was not only irresponsible and negligent, but more concerned about running away and hiding than seeking help,” Crump said in IG post. “Polevich's behavior was criminal, cowardly, and immoral. We will hold him responsible for his reckless actions that led to Robert Maraj's death!” Charles’ lawyer, Matt Gann, told Law & Crime that his client has a “tremendous amount of empathy for the family, the loss that they’ve suffered, and expressed condolences.” As for the civil case, an insurance company will take care of the civil case. Other than that, he’s not commenting on the case.