Last week, 19-year-old Chicagoan William Strickland Jr. was arrested for murdering his 72-year-old grandfather. Now we're finding out that Strickland's wife hired Strickland Jr. to commit the crime. 

Apparently the wife, 64-year-old Janet Strickland, was "sick of him" and was ready to inherit her husband's life savings. 

Strickland Jr. shot his grandfather six times as the 72-year-old left his house on his way to dialysis treatment. 

The grandson was paid in gifts including a car, home furnishings, tattoos and gym shoes. 

Both Janet Strickland and William Strickland, Jr. have been charged with first degree murder and armed robbery. Janet Strickland's bail has been set at $500,000; Strickland, Jr. was denied bail. 

Source: Complex