Yes, all of America is proud of Jackie Robinson West, and their well deserved title as National Little League World Series Champions. These young men made history books. Books that will be read for the rest of time by people all around the World. Yes, Chicago will celebrate their phenomenal success with a parade on Wednesday and we'll feel like proud moms for every player in the procession. Yes, there will be memories to remember, and stories to tell from these young men for the rest of their lives. Yes, we will probably rename streets, parks, and bridges in Chicago in honor of this courageous team who went against every odd to prove that tenacity and hard work are keys to winning. Yes, we are glad that another side of life on the South Side of Chicago has been highlighted instead of the killings of young black men in these same neighborhoods. Yes, Marquis Jackson, and the rest of the Jackie Robinson West team reminds us that our African-American boys are strong, resourceful, talented, intelligent, poised, thoughtful, strategic, fearless, and don't believe in being "disrespectful".  Which brings me to this question...How many champions, that would have left a lifetime legacy of achievement, that had only just begun to tap into their God-given talents, that would have been future cancer curers, astro-phycisists, or  talented electricians, have been gunned down and silenced? And, consequently, have robbed African American culture of hero's, leaders, and history makers!

Put the guns down!