I know it sounds kinda weird, so read on..

50 Cent has reportedly ruined a video vixens life, her name is Sally Ferriera, and she is hitting 50 with a $5Million lawsuit for Defamation after 50 claimed to be dating her.  The vixen alleges he leaked behind-the-scenes photos from his video shoots with her, and went on a Twitter spree calling her a “thirsty video b***h” and told his fans and industry honchos who follow him to not to work with her.

Fif has since then deleted the tweets,but it isn't stopping Ferriera from collecting her money.  The vixen says he modeling career was ruined, has experienced extreme emotional distress as a result, and she has been blacklisted in the business.

Ferriera says, she had no parts in leaking the photos and has been open about her 9 year relationship with her fiance.

Btw, Between Instagram And Twitter Combined 50'S Message Reached More Than 9 Million Followers.