Chris Brown went to jail yesterday because he violated a judge's orders. Breezy has been living in a rehab facility for 4 months for anger management therapy. 90 days were for anger anger the remainder was until a verdict was reached in the Washington D.C. assault case. The judge told him, if he left rehab his next stop was jail.

Well the singer didn't leave at his own will, he was actually kicked out for violating "internal rules." There is no concrete on what he did exactly BUT we do know that it had nothing to do with violence or drugs. Chris was previously thrown out of a different facility for throwing a rock at his mom's car window.

Earlier this month Chris allegedly had an innapropriate relationship with one of the workers, but that isn't the reason he got kicked out of the facility. But it could be the reason why Karrueche kicked him to the curb hmmmm Story develoing.....