Daylight Savings Kicks Off Tonight

Now don't go getting all excited that you get an extra hour today.  Because you will most likely be sleep when you get the extra hour.  Now I AM on the other hand excited to get more sleep!! YES LAWD!

Daylight saving time returns on Sunday, March 10, 2013, when clocks across the province will move ahead by one hour.

Remember to change your clocks before you go to bed on Saturday.

The official time change occurs on Sunday at 2:00 a.m., when clocks move forward to 3:00 a.m.

Under the Official Time Act, daylight saving time begins on the second Sunday in March and continues until the first Sunday in November.

Demi Lobo

Demi Lobo is a radio personality on WGCI, artist, host and entrepreneur. Demi Lobo, a rising Pop Star, Songwriter and Radio Personality on Chicago’s number #1 Radio Station for Hip Hop & RnB 107.5 -WGCI. Demi Lobo was just named Rolling Out Magazine Chicago's 25 Most Influential Women and an Industry Buzzz Awards honoree. Demi was a host of the Inagural luncheon for President Obama with Roland Martin and Michael Eric Dyson. DemiLobo won the title as Pop Entertainer of the Year for ther 31st CMA awards this January. Demi is a recipient of President Obama's Young & Powerful Rising Star Award along with Donovan McNabb and others. Lobo was recently featured on WCIU- TV; worked with 85 homeless persons this past Christmas; is the youngest radio personality at WGCI while being a full-time College student at Columbia College Chicago as a radio Major (graduated May 5th), and recently was honored by Mayor Daley at the City Council Meeting for being an outstanding young citizen. The only other artist to receive that award in the past 15 years is RnB Megastar Jennifer Hudson.


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