It looks like NFL baller Nnamdi Asomugha who is also the new hubby of actress Kerry Washington was so pissed about being dropped from the San Francisco 49ers that he is throwing in the towel on the sport all together.

The pro cornerback was expecting a new team to pick him up, but since that has not happened, he will take his talents elsewhere.

According to USA Today, Asomugha retired from the NFL, with the team that kick started his career, the Oakland Raiders. He was with the team for the first eight seasons of his career, and Nnamdi was given a one-day contract for a day so that he can retire on Friday. The press conference was held at the Oakland Raiders' headquarters, ending his 11-year career as a professional Football player.

The 32 year old only played 3 games with the 49ers when he signed his one year $1.35 million + incentives contract this year. Asomugha made $25 million while playing with the Philadelphia Eagles alone before they released him in March. The great news is, he isn't broke and has Kerry Washington for a wife, and a new baby on the way! I smell a reality show brewing.... no? I'd watch!