Contemplate this Lakers fans: A starting team comprised of Steve Nash, Steve Blake, Paul Gasol, Metta World Peace and Jordan Hill. Yuck, huh? :(

And yes, you didn’t see Dwight Howard’s name because he won’t be there because, according to a person with knowledge of his decision, he’s joining the Houston Rockets, reports USA Today.

And remember this – not that it will really matter – an aging, broken down Kobe Bryant won’t be back until December or January.

Oh yeah, the coach is Mike D’antoni. They should just go ahead and change the name to the LA Losers.

Looks like that recruitment tweet from Slim Thug a few days ago did the trick. :)

The person with knowledge of Howard’s new direction spoke on the condition of anonymity because star center’s decision has not yet been announced.

After being traded from the Orlando Magic to the Los Angeles Lakers in a four-team deal a year ago, Howard entered the summer unsure of what he might do because of the awful Lakers season that had unfolded.

His partnership with Kobe Bryant never went as planned, nor did his recovery from back surgery in April of 2012 that hindered his play for most of the season.

The five team race between the Rockets, Lakers, Golden State Warriors, Dallas Mavericks and Atlanta Hawks included lengthy meetings with each team in Los Angeles earlier in the week that would not only determine his final destination but slow a free agency period that should now speed up with his decision known.

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